Sunday, April 7, 2013

Outline: Procedural Meshes

In the next tutorials I will go into detail about vertices, vertex and index buffers and procedural mesh generation.

The first tutorial will be about procedural generation of vertices. For this I will use a simple grid mesh and we will render just the points of this grid.

The second tutorial will deal with creating an index buffer for the previous grid mesh and rendering the grid as a mesh of triangles. In order to view the mesh, we need to render the mesh as a wireframe and I will show you how to set the according state in a shader.

The third tutorial will be about bringing color to objects. For this we need to use different vertices and a new shader that is suited for displaying color.

The fourth tutorial will bring together wireframe rendering and color rendering. For this we modify our shader  to perform two passes.

The fifth tutorial will deal with the creation of the depth buffer and biased rendering to prevent z-fighting.

The next tutorials will show how to create the geometric primitives box, sphere, torus and cylinder with procedures.

Finally, I will close this series of tutorials with the geometric primitive of a superellipsoid, which is very versatile and fun to play around with. Here is a teaser, what will await you at the end of this series:

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